Canadian Dollars

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We have five denominations of Canadian money fake money for sale. All of our CAD bills look realistic and can’t make a difference with real things. Our expert team uses advanced technology and top-grade materials to produce these fake CAD notes. We ensure all the security features on our notes. That’s why our counterfeit money is undetectable and used in the market without getting caught. Our bills are also used as fake Canadian Money Prop. Our denomination of CAD is $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills money fake money for sale.

About Our Canadian Authentic Money Fake Money

Our Canadian counterfeit money is carefully crafted with all the security features that can be found on genuine Canadian notes. The security features include watermarks, holograms, security threads, and microprinting. Our money fake money can pass the pen taste, UV light test, and all other traditional security checks. Our customization option will allow you to get the desired design. You can also use our notes for entertainment purposes besides buying goods from the shopping mall. Our fake Canadian money prop is perfect for use in front of the camera. If you need large quality $20 bills or little customized $100 bills for special occasions, we will do it with professionalism.

Specialty of Our Counterfeit Money

At Fake Bills For Sale, our specialty makes our clients happy and convinced to buy counterfeit money online from us.


Top-Grade Materials: Our printing technology and A-grade paper quality make our fake Canadian money prop look realistic and feel exact in texture.
Cost-effective: We offer a lower price than other vendors online. So, all of the customers can afford the cost of the bills.
Discreet shipping: For our customer’s privacy, we ship the products in discreet packaging.
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History of Canadian Money

The history of Canadian money is a fascinating story. It includes different forms, shapes, and materials. The first currency of Canada was introduced by the French in the early 17th century. At that time, it was in the form of copper coins called “Jetons.” These coins were used for trade and had various designs on them, including animals and religious symbols. But because of the rarity of Jetons, other forms of currency, such as furs, wampum beads, and animal hides, were also commonly used.

How to Buy Money Fake Money from Us

First of all, determine your budget before placing an order. So that you can make a budget about how much money you want to spend and how much you want to get. Then choose your denomination. Once you have done the process, reach out to us using our whatsapp or email and provide us your shipping information. We will reply very fast.

Why Should You Buy Counterfeit Money?
For many reasons people decided to buy counterfeit money. Maximum people choose to buy for bearing the cost of their daily necessaries. Besides, some people buy fake Canadian money prop for entertainment purposes such as movie scenes or doing pranks with friends.

Note: Whatever the reason you want to buy fake money but keep in mind you need to understand the risks of buying these fake Canadian bills.

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